We are going international!

We felt the need to reach out even further in order to show the rest of the world how good the Danish airsoft community is.

You might be wondering why our website is suddenly in English and here is our explanation.

Airsoft Denmark was founded upon the principle of supporting and make the Danish airsoft community better and bigger. However, we felt the need to reach out even further than “just” the Danes. Why not put the Danish airsoft community on the map internationally speaking? With inspiration from different blogs and content creators around the world, we are now going international and we implore all the Danish airsoft content creators to do the same.

By reaching out to our non-Danish speaking friends from around the world, we have the opportunity to tell everyone what we do and how amazing the Danish community is. It opens up the possibility to reach out to manufacturers and other companies, who might not have considered getting their products into the Danish market. From what we are hearing, the Danish players miss a bigger selection of weapons and equipment and we would love to help getting that.

We’ve changed our content strategy from now on, we will have more focus on video based content as well as articles with pictures for inspiration. Product news and manufacture news is also one of our top priorities. Just write us a message with your stuff and we’ll look it through.

But we would like to point this out! Even though we write in English, it does not mean we’ve forgotten about supporting Danish content and we will still have certain elements in Danish only for our Danish readers.